Puan Rahilah Binti Rahmat AMS,

The President

 Kuala Selangor District Council


Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh


First of all let us be grateful for the infinite to the Almighty for the grace and permission for us to continue to perform their tasks and responsibilities of managing and administering MDKS towards progress and development of excellence and delivering municipal services to better serve customers.

Welcome and thank you for visiting the website of this As the President of the Kuala Selangor District Council I feel proud of the visit Y.Bhg. Dato '/ Sir / Madam. In line with the rapid world information and communication technology (ICT), the MDKS committed to making this website as the main platform for disseminating information transparent, accurate and current information to visitors. All information will be regularly updated and interactive so that it can be beneficial to all visitors who access the site.

I recently led MDKS on April 3, 2018 felt that the task of bringing MDKS towards excellence is a challenging task. But I am confident that through collaboration and commitment given by the Head of Department, Division and Unit as well as the support of all members of the Council and all employees MDKS, every achievement, awards and income will continue to be improved.

MDKS determined to remain committed to improving the management of municipal services to all customers and residents of the district.

To achieve this, MDKS have already set a vision to make Kuala Selangor as a "Municipal Sustainable Welfare Society" by providing a conducive environment for the development of municipal green economy, preservation of the environment, heritage and quality of life.

I also hope that all employees MDKS practices the principle of teamwork, creative and innovative in addition to positive thinking to plan and carry out new things to enhance quality of service will be extended to all customers.

I will pursue all efforts to achieve sustainability goals and work towards the vision and mission that has been planned with the priorities established at the community as well as any priority should be given at present.

Finally, I welcome all constructive views and recommendations from the public in order to realize the dream of all that Kuala Selangor District Council became a sustainable municipality. God willing.

Thank you,


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