• Ensure that all revenue collection can be collected at a maximum level and reduce tax arrears to ensure that government revenue can be fully collected.
  • Provide good municipal services and provide public facilities for creating a clean and beautiful city.
  • Creating efficient and effective service through the modernization of the Council administration system in line with ICT development.
  • Establish strategic planning to develop cities, reduce traffic problems and environmental pollution towards sustainable development and provision of tourism facilities.
  • Enhance humanitarian development programs to staff and residents of the Council area as well as a good level of security as well as create a clean and beautiful city.


  • Ensure that all development or development controls in MDKS are conducted through existing Local Structure and Plan Plans.
  • Enhanced efficiency of Council revenue management.
  • Strengthen the development of municipal services in terms of garbage collection, drainage, grass cutting and road maintenance.
  • Promoting local tourism products such as ecotourism, agro tourism, sport-tourism and edu-tourism.
  • To provide and maintain public infrastructure and facilities.
  • Opening opportunities and spaces in economic and business activities.
  • Implementing youth and community development programs.
Last Updated: Monday, 30 January 2023 - 8:43am