Ways to Pay 

  1. All payment has to include the original bill.
  2. Cheques and money order and so forth has to be crossed and paid to the President of Kuala Selangor Municipal Council.
  3. Only written and printed receipts are approved by Kuala Selangor Municipal Council.
  4. Receipts has to be obtain after payments are made.

Important Reminder

  1. Assessment tax bills must be paid in advance for the first half of the year before 28th February and second half of the year before 31st August. The bills will be sent to the owners address that's noted in MPKS records during early said half of the year.
  2. Notice of claim will be produce of payment aren't settled for the first half of the year after 28th February and second half of the year after 31 August without any further warning with the rate of payment for the notice as follows:
    • RM 100 and below RM5.00
    • RM 101 up to 5%
  3. It's mandatory for owners to tell the departments about the changes of ownership for properties including inside Kuala Selangor Municipal Council area.
  4. If no original bill is received,please come to MPKS office to get a copy before the period of time mentioned above.
Last Updated: Monday, 30 January 2023 - 8:43am