Guidelines for Approving Park Names,Road Names and Building Number 

  1. Coming out with an organized copy of the plan that has been certified by the Director of Town and Village Planning Department OR approval letter on Planning Authorization from Kuala Selangor Municipal Council

  2. Adducing an approved copy of the building plan from Kuala Selangor Municipal Council OR  Pre Plan calculation that has been certified.

  3. Showing the application letter that has been signed by the Developer/Architect/Certified Planner.Application letter has to contain:

    * Project site location (nombor lot number, parish)

    * Lokasi kawasan

    *The information about the development project that will be developed

    *Park name suggestion to be considered

    • Coming up with 6 sets of plan for road names and building number (ammonium paper) that is folded on F4 size for approval. All plan has to be drawn,signed and certified by Architect/Certified Planner.

    • Suggestion of park names has to be :

      * In Bahasa Malaysia

      * Has Malaysian Identity

      * Has reasons/excuses why the name is suggested

      • For area less than 10 acres, applicant/developer are recommended to use park names that are the same with parks/projects that are near/next to the project site.

      • Plans has to include:

        * Title of project

        * Title of plan

        * Key plan

        * Plan location

        * Name, address, telephone number and developer/architect/certified planner stamp on each page of the plan


        Suggestion of address for plan has to show:

        • * Name of suggested roads

          * Suggested building number 

          *Examples of address that's complete with park name,building number,road name and postcode(if any) 

          *Address of suggested plan has to be coloured according to planning standard 

          * Location of assembling road sign boards(marked)  

        Last Updated: Monday, 30 January 2023 - 8:43am