Early History

The name of Selangor started with Kuala Selangor, a town at the outskirts of Selangor River. The name Selangor came about because of the river. The river confluent was named Kuala Selangor. Back then it was a nom for people to name places from name of rivers.As known by the people who live by the river bank which was an important tool of transportation at that time .

State of Perlis originates from Pelit river(Perlite means stone in French,hence,stone river), thus the name of Selangor. It was estimated that the name Selangor (Kuala Selangor) has existed earlier than 15th Century, because before Malacca was defeated by Portuegese in1511, Kuala Selangor was under Malacca.

In Malay History it was mentioned during the time Paduka Seri Maharaja reign Singapore,there was a Pasai named Tun Jana Khatib who's expert in Khayal Lillah Teachings and Tauhid who had 2 friend,one went to Samarlingga (Selangor) and another went to Bungoran while Tun Jana Khatib went to Singapore.According to journals, Paduka Seri Maharaja reigned during 14th Century (1301-1400 ). If this statement is true,the it's clear that the name of Selangor existed even before that .

In Java's book,Negarakertagama it was writtent around 14 th Century and mentioned Klang was under Majapahit.A few old maps are kept in China and the maps are believed to be the guide for Laksamana Cheng Ho, one of Chinese sailors that sailed during 1405-1433. In the map it was written about Klang River and Selangor land.

Malay History also mentioned during the reigning times of Sultan Muzaffar Syah (1445-1458), Tun Perak were invited to be Penghulu in Klang. Inside the Royal Asiatic Society in London there is a handwritten copy of Malay History with  Raffles books that mentioned Tuan Bendahara Johor married his son, Tuan Mahmud with princess Raja Beruas (Perak) and Tuan Mahmud reign Selangor.

Judging from the statements above,it is clear that the name Selangor existed before 15th Century . Selangor that is mention above is Kuala Selangor now where the state politic started. Nobody can deny the fact because all proofs of Kuala Selangor is where the state administration started existed until now.

Before coming to Daeng Chelak, 5 of the Bugis king's son from Sebilis Island came to Selangor, in Kuala Selangor it was inhabited by humans that was headed fairly by a Bugis woman named Upu Chendera Burung.

The trait of a compassionate ruler that capture the hearts of the indigenious people there,until they swore to never appoint a leader who's not of Bugis descent. This factor is what caused the appearance of Raja Lumu to Selangor was well accepted by the local residents. When their leader died,they buried her on top of a hill. According to stories,the hill is Hospital Hill that is near Kuala Selangor District Council now (1979). At the grave of Upu Chendera Burung there is a freshwater fish pond and a Tanjung flower tree.

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