Early Residents

Earliest residents of Kuala Selangor are sea people who lived by fishing. They lived along the Selangor riverbank about 3 miles from the river confluent to the headstream. Their leader is a  Bugis woman with a loving and caring trait and knows how to appreciate her people. These characteristics are what attracted the attention of the people until they didn't want a leader who is not of Bugis descent. Eventhough there are others who wants to become the leader of Kuala Selangor.

In R.J. Wilkinson book it was stated that Bugis people situated in Selangor (Kuala Selangor) named Daeng Lakani in K.M 17 means in Kuala Selangor it was inhabited by other tribe before this,it is clear that  Bugis has set foot in  Kuala Selangor since K.M. 17 lagi.

The Kuala Selangor residents at that time were farmers and fishermens,there are also people who stole and became pirates along the Selangor beach shore. The yield of their robbery were kept at a bay until it was known as Robbers Bay(Teluk Penyamun), about a mile from River Confluent.

Malay History, Raffles edition No 18, mentioned about the time Sultan Mahmud Shah Melaka was in  Bentan in 1513, Tun Mahmud (Seri Agar Diraja) were crowned in Selangor. Jeram, are some of the oldest places in Selangor, situated in this district were also mentioned in Malay History. It was said that Sultan Mansur Syah Melaka who reigned from 1459 until 1477 crowned his prince, Paduka Seri Cina in Jeram.

Another oldest place in Selangor is Permatang, opposite Kuala Selangor  and was separated from Selangor River . Permatang is under the influence of Malacca and when Malacca fall in the hands of Portuguese in 1511,the powers were inherit by the Johore government.

Around 17th century when Bugis people in throngs came out from the state to find a new place to stay and built a new life , Selangor became a place of focus . Selangor was made as a movement center for other states such as Perak and Kedah.

From all the statement above it is clear that Selangor were known long before the 17th century, this means that Selangor were inhabited by people and residents before the date.

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