Kampung Kuantan is well known for its Fireflies. Lots of the fireflies nest only available here. Moreover, there has been opinion that magical fireflies are only available at 2 places in the world and one of it is in Kampung Kuantan.

The adventure of the fireflies' area began in the early 1970 by a local businessman that saw the commercial potential of this miracle. Now, the adventure has been entrusted to the Kuala Selangor District Council and has expanded rapidly with the addition of 27 small boats that are provided for the visitors.

Today, Kampung Kuantan is known for the magical fireflies not only to the local visitors but also around the world.


Fireflies and Berembang Tree

Fireflies are a type of insect from the beetle group. The 'Pteroptyx tener' species are the most available species in Kampung Kuantan. The uniqueness that lies in the fireflies is on its tail that produces blinking of light. That makes the fireflies more unique is the blinking of lights produced by the insect simultaneously each time for 3 blinks per second. Among the thousands of fireflies their lights is like a rhythm of lights. Fireflies are only 6mm long. Male fireflies produce a far brighter light compared to the female, to attract the attention of the female fireflies. The life spans of fireflies are from 2 till 3 months.

Berembang tree or 'Sonneratia Caseolaris' is a type of swamp tree that grows wildly at the Selangor Riverside. It needs a tropical climate and swamp surrounding. Berembang tree is important for the fireflies as their source of foods. Other than that, Berembang tree is also important as a habitat that acts as a filter for dirt and poison and producing clean water for the organism in the river.


Kampung Kuantan

Kampung Kuantan is a small village that is surrounded with coconut and palm trees. This village is situated about 56km from Kuala Lumpur and 9km from Kuala Selangor.

This beautiful and peaceful village is suitable for those who want a calm environment to rest and relax their mind, far from the hustle and bustle of the city. At a nearby area, there are a few interesting tourist places like the historical Malawati Hill and Kuala Selangor Nature Park that has many species of birds. There's also a small town for stopover which is Sri Segambut that's surrounded with paddy fields. Lastly, there is a beach which is Pantai Remis that is well known for its beautiful beach and the array of delicious seafood.


Transportation System to Kampung Kuantan

The journey from Kuala Lumpur to Kampung Kuantan takes about 45 minutes. There is a few travelling agencies that provide travelling package and tour to Kampung Kuantan including the tourist area around Kuala Selangor.

Taxi service is also provided from Kuala Selangor to Kampung Kuantan at RM40.00 for a ride (4 people). However, there are few places of accommodation that provides transportation facilities to Kampung Kuantan.


Public Facilities

The administrator of the firefly's area provides free parking space, food stalls and souvenir stalls. There is also a playground specifically for those who bring their children. Cruising the river using the traditional way will provide satisfaction for the visitors to watch the beauty of the magnificent fireflies. The usage of the small boats will also avoid sound and smoke pollution that can disrupt the firefly's habitat.


Lokasi : Sungai Selangor, Kg Kuantan

(Lebih kurang sejam perjalanan dari Shah Alam)

Tarikan : Mengharungi sungai Selangor dengan menaiki sampan untuk melihat keunikan kelip-kelip.

Kemudahan : Pusat Informasi, kaunter tiket, mini teater, jeti, gerai makanan, taman  permainan kanak-kanak, tandas awam, kedai cenderahati dan tempat letak kenderaan.

Waktu Operasi : 7.30 malam – 10.30 malam ( Setiap hari )

Bayaran perkhidmatan sampan:

  • RM50.00 / sampan (maksimum 4 orang dewasa)

* Tempoh menaiki sampan lebih kurang 20 minit untuk satu perjalanan ( pergi dan balik)


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