Kuala Selangor Nature Park was opened in 1987. With a width of 296 hectare that's divided to 2 main parts that is a 201 hectare wide Tropical Rainforest and the balance is Swamp Forest . The park is under the management of the Malaysia Nature Lovers Association. Because of that, the natural beauties of the park are preserved without any habitat damage that has been the loyal tenants here.

Nature Park has the concept of Bird Park , whereby the visitors can see for themselves the many species of wild birds. The bird habitat is frequently used as research for interested scientists and tourists. There are 156 species of birds and 57 of it are birds from overseas like Russia and Siberia. Some of the birds that live in the park are birds from cold climate of the north hemisphere to search for food at the warm climate of the south hemisphere.


From the month of September till April each year, the park will be visited by migrating birds from oversea together with the local birds to make a living.

Among the species of local birds that are permanent residents of the park is mangrove bird, flamingoes, ketitir, pekaka, raja udang, pucong, serandau, black shoulder eagle and so forth. While the migrating birds are purple herow, great eagle, tiger shrike, brown shrike, arctic shrike, warbler, purple swamphen and many more. The presence of the birds makes it a most interesting location to be visit for the abundance of the panoramic flora and fauna.


Agro Activities at Nature Park

Watching Variety Species of Birds

One of the interesting activities in Nature Park is watching the variety species of birds from in and outside of the country. To follow this activity you should have a binocular and a camera to not miss a chance to capture the picture of the pretty birds or your sweet moments. You will surely be amazed and carried away for awhile when watching the many antics of the bird in nature. A few huts have been built for the facilities of visitors who are interested to watch the wild animals of the forest flying freely. Weekends will be more meaningful and give you a new experience if you visit this park with your friend and family.



Mangrove Forest

For the enthusiasts of challenging and rugged activities, surely your visit to the Kuala Selangor Nature Park is enjoyable one. The 95 hectare of mangrove swamp forest awaits you to be ventured and uncover its secrets and mysteries. The mangrove swamp forest not only functions as a preserver for the ecosystem but also as a natural habitat for the many wild animals in the park. Mangrove trees that are fertile here have its own individual traits including its resistance that can't be questioned. For that matter, this is why the tropical rainforest is different and will challenge you physically, spiritually and mentally.

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